Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Recovery, resmovery!

Per the political pundits, tv economists and politicians ... Dow exceeds 10,000!! .. we've recovered.  Yeah, like that's never happened before.

Tell that to the 16-18% unemployed individuals, yours truly included, and those with their impending job loss due to downsizing and outsourcing.

It's been a week, and no word from my last interview.  My guess is that 'they found someone else'.  The description of the job is somewhat perplexing, that is, there are two different versions of the important skills needed, depending upon who one talks to.

So, I have two other possible gigs, as I await for corporate decisions to be made.  One could say they are being cautious, but I'm not buying it.   I wonder if I changed my last name to Smith or Patel, would it make a difference?  I prepared for the negative, so I won't dwell on it after this.  Next!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finally! A Job Interview

Eight months have passed.  I had one technical interview to assess my skillset about three months ago.  Nothing came from that, as I had not expected it to, due to the inexperience of the recruiter and her firm.  I've sent out countless cover letters with my credentials, posted my resume on boards and emailed to those who my friends have suggested.  Out of those, I got two actual rejection emails.  Still no interest, until last week. 

I got one email from an ex co-worker inquiring if I'm open to an upcoming project in Tampa.  I said 'Sure, I'm open'.  The next day, I got a phone call from a recruiter in Jacksonville, FL about a short-term contract there, which just so happened to be with the same firm that my friend emailed about the day before.  Ok, now I'm thinking my budgeting timing theory is unfolding (more opportunities near the end of 3rd quarter into beginning of fourth quarter budgeting theory ... spend money now or lose it for next year).  Then, the following day, I got a call about my submission for a job at JPMorganChase (which I had applied for in August, with no response).  Lo and behold, I've finally landed a more realistic interview with JPMorganChase, where Deb works.  I had a brief interview with HR, and then had an technical interview with three guys in the technical group that has the opening.  It seemed to go well, despite me not being able to completely dazzle them.  At least, I think I ended with good rapport ... I had them laughing.  My weekly golf outing with the JPMChase boys may be proving to be beneficial, since I did get an insider referral.  We'll see if I was up to their standards ... waiting to see what is next in store for me .. another interview or maybe an offer of some type.  I'm not going to even mention a rejection so as to not jinx myself.  Oh, too late. 

In the meantime, I've yet to hear anything regarding the other two contract leads.  Maybe in the next few days, something will come about.  Maybe I'll just call the Jacksonville recruiter tomorrow to followup.  

My long vacation may be coming to an end soon.  I hope so, but then again I was getting used to "forced retirement" and the "self-domestication".  Maybe I can now pay someone else for those things-to-do that I neglected to do myself.  That will be my contribution for economic recovery.  Well, I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch.