Monday, January 18, 2016

WIndows 10 .. another 'What's the Point'

After installing the free Win10 on my 8yr old pc and updating all the drivers I could find, it seemed to be stable for a couple of weeks. Then I started to get BSOD's, about 4-5 a week, for no apparent reason, other than browsing the internet or watch videos, and often doing nothing but sit there or just refreshing emails in my email client. I've changed video cards, and reseated memory sticks, tested memory, refreshed drivers, etc. Here is the list of BSOD's that have incurred (some on more than one occasion): 


I rarely, if ever, had a BSOD in Win7 that I recall. I saw this forum and the number of threads addressing fixing BSOD's were just way too many to peruse. So, I decided Win10 wasn't worth it on my older pc, despite it meeting requirements. Since, it was past 30 days, I could no longer just click and revert back, so I had to reinstall Win7 from scratch (no good image backup). I'm sure there are plenty of happy Win10 folks, but I'm not one, at least with my current desktop setup. I'm not a gamer nor do I do anything cpu intensive with my pc. For me, resolving BSOD's is not something that I should have to even worry about. I doubt Apple users have to worry about these type of things. So, I'm back to Win7 and after 2 weeks, no BSOD's. Can Microsoft improve Win10 to reduce or even eliminate BSOD's? I doubt it? Maybe on a new pc with newer hardware it would be more stable, but from what I glanced at in this forum, it even happens to new pc's and laptops. Cortana and the newer interface is nice, but not at the expense of an almost daily reboot from a BSOD. I reiterate .. so, what's the point, at this time? I know I'm not the only one.

Electric Cars

Watching the Tour de France, I noticed the ads for the new all-electric Nissan Leaf.  I checked it out online and it seems interesting.  You'll get about 100 miles on one charge, which means I would pretty much have to charge it every other day for my 45 mile round-trip commute, plus quick trips out for lunch.  That's ok, but you really need to install a 240v charger in your garage, which costs an extra two grand or so.  Yes, it'll trickle charge on a regular 110v socket, but will take forever for a full charge.  Not great, but at least a common way to charge.  If you don't monitor the distance on your current charge, well, you'll get stuck somewhere with no way to get back without a quick charge.  There aren't many charging stations around here (zero), but maybe if it takes off there will be plenty.  (Hmm ... not putting in money on that bet, yet.)  I think this will be the right direction towards gasoline free cars, but the cost of electricity is bound to rise more, as it is already doing so.  We just don't notice it as much.  Are electric cars really environmentally friendly?  Yes and no.  Yes, they are in a local sense, but not in the overall picture.  However, it may be better than the alternative of burning petro.  Most electricity is generated using fossil fuels, mainly coal.  So, the footprint is still there, just not as large, and indirect.  Now, if it could recharge itself while it's running to the extent that you only have to do a full charge once a week or every 400-500 miles, then this would be the idea vehicle for energy savings.  I expect it to happen in the future, but for now it's more like a suped-up golf cart.  Well, maybe more than that, but limited to commuting less than 100 miles round trip.  Kou-dos to Nissan as it is definitely in the right direction.

Now I just saw a quick overview of Chevrolet's Volt, a hybrid of sorts.  It can go 35-40 miles on electric power, then switches to the gas engine.  I'm thinking to myself, what's the point of that.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Still Sane

It's been 9 months since the last client ditched us.  Although, we exceeded their benchmark expectations, they just didn't have the money for extended work.  My team of 4 all were released, since there was no other work for that client or other clients.  I was 'given' to a new client as a freebie, with the intention of leading a new team, after a trial period.  The technology is much more stable as is the client; however, I questioned the longevity of our contract, as it's been renewed on a month-to-month basis.  My team consists of myself and one other, as a third was the odd-man out.  Now the client is entertaining the idea of my company bringing in 4-6 more consultants to start handling what we call 'core services', which pretty much means on-call duty and handling incidents and small requests, etc.  At least that appears promising ... last I heard, 2 of the 4 guys released earlier in the year are still looking, while the other 2 have found work elsewhere.  If I get extended to the end of the year, then we may get a longer term committment up to 3 years for the larger team.  We'll see.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Two months into the new job, and it's been, well, let's say 'interesting'.  A lot of 'new' stuff to learn under tight deadlines; clients questioning our ability while giving us only pieces of the puzzles while hiding other pieces.  Archaic and unsophisticated technology is the 'way they roll'.  They say the grass looks greener on the other side.  In this case, it's true, but I've found that the grass is artificial.  Live and learn.  This isn't going to cut it.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Gold and Silver, Oh my!!

Precious metals have gotten hammered over the past 6 months.  This has been predicted by the experts that follow pm's.  The USD rallied based on 'ifs' spouted by the Fed-czar, Bernanke.  Then he backtracked a couple of weeks later, and the USD tanked in the short-term and the stock market rallied.  One week, cash is king; the next, it's toilet paper.  

Since the Fed can't really stop QE (to infinity), pm's will rebound and most likely will start the next bull run up.  Everything the pm experts have predicted has come to fruition, so far.  Barring some truly universal event (like discovering gold in shit), I find no reason not to follow their lead.

Here I go again. 14th Company (second-time around)

I was contacted by the firm that I worked for and left over two years ago.  It's local office had gone through a major restructuring (nice term for "laying everyone off" including most of the management team).  They wanted to know if I was interested in coming back.  I said I was willing to listen to what they had to say.  I spoke to the new director of operations and the head recruiter, both whom retained their jobs after the 'mass cutting'.  After a few weeks, an offer was made, re-negotiated and finalized.  I have formally accepted this new job and new role, but I haven't informed my current manager and company yet.  That will happen on Monday.

In retrospect, I was prepared to stay where I am for as long as the company continued employing its current staff up to the point that it sells its current asset portfolio.  It appeared that a sale wouldn't be possible for at least three more years.  But, now I guess that won't matter in the short-term, since I've decided to move on.

I'm taking a risk in this economy, but there are no guarantees regardless where you work.  If the new job doesn't work out, maybe I can go back, or maybe not.  I'm not going to worry about that, since I believe this move will be a successful one in the long run.

Change is good.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

Accepted an offer from an international bank.  I start on 08/27, provided I pass their background checks.  Went today to pee in a cup and got finger-printed like a criminal .. well like "today's" job seekers are required.  Nine weeks between jobs is better than 13 months.  All is well for now.  Using my unemployment pay to pay owed income taxes from last year.  Can't win from losing .. hate taxes.  Does this mean that the current administration gets credit for increased job opportunities?  I'm thinking that doing away with income taxes is the way to go.  Replace it with a national sales tax, or in other terms, a consumption tax.  Then you can get rid of the IRS and run everything with computers controlled by a handful of chimpanzees.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nothing Lasts Forever

Thirteen months later .. the change has ended.  It was good while it lasted.  I worked from home, saved a lot on gas by not commuting.  The business is not doing that great as circumstances and competition has altered the business landscape; consequently, I am now out of a job again.  I was not the last one in, so LIFO does not apply here.  I wonder if it had to do with my pay .. maybe.  Doesn't really matter.  Contacted my previous employer.  We'll see what is shaking.  Meanwhile, I'll ponder what I really want to do and see if I can make it happen. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Say it, don't spray it .......

Skeptics usually have no knowledge of what you're talking about.

People can change. Most do not and will not.

Man who speaks with sour tongue, has lemons for brain.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Change

I made another change this week. I resigned my current job, as I have accepted an offer at another company. I will be still be a computer jock (or geek), but will get to apply more of my experience, hopefully. Once again, I am looking forward to helping another corporation reach its goals and objectives; however, this time, I may be able to actually contribute to its success and be rewarded. Time will tell.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've gone back to my old golf swing, or a facsimile of it. Naturally, my game is suffering due to the change, but persistence will prevail. My swing is no longer, as my golf buddies tagged it, 'Furyk-like and flat'. Although effective and somewhat consistent, I began to lose control as I tried to fine-tune it. Either fine-tuning killed it, much like going back to a traditional swing, or I just peaked with that swing style. So, here I am, re-working my game in order to bring consistency and lower scores to my efforts in 'conquering' this confounded game. But that is the challenge .. to work through the obstacles towards obtaining a desired result. I give myself 3-6 months to cutting my index by 1/3.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tribute for Lucy

No Mas

I've decided to not discuss gold & silver and the 'almighty' USD with anyone, unless I am asked.  Most people are just not interested, so why bother.  I am even trying to stop mentioning the new highs that silver and gold are reaching every few months, without being asked even to my beloved wife.  I want to see if the general public (in my surroundings) will start to talk about these things.  I want to see if my ultra-conservative relatives and friends start mentioning it first.  I think, if so, then it may be time to take profits off of the table.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Drain is wide open for USD

Gold is reaching new record highs in terms of the US Dollar.  The dollar index is falling hard .. govt-induced inflation.  Gold is projected to double to over $2000 per ounce within next 6-9 months.  Anyone with savings will be losing value big time.  People are jumping into stock market to fight inflation ... not sure why, but DOW will most likely rise to higher highs.  Silver is also reaching 30 yr high .. not quite $50 per oz, but about halfway there.  This doesn't mean much to most people, but cash assets will suffer if you are invested in those instruments.  Check the price of groceries near and after Thanksgiving .. should be higher, along with gas.  I'm thinking about selling the old gold jewelry to get some Christmas money .. when gold surpasses $1400 an ounce.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finally! A Job!

Thirteen months and 10 days later, I am no longer on the unemployment rolls.  At least, until I pass a drug test and background check.  The only drugs they'll find are Ramipril, Lovaza (fish oil) and benedryl, the miracle drug, second only to aspirin, IMHO.  Regardless, after an hour-and-half interview today, an offer was made and I took it.  I'm anxious to get back to the challenge of helping a company achieve its goals for itself and its clients.  I thank all of the businesses and taxpayers who paid for my unemployment compensation.   Right now, my second career will be part-time, but hopefully will save me in the event of another financial crisis that could take us out again.  Don't count that out as a possibility, as the world nations continue to print fiat money to float their existences.  It is a perilous game that is nearing the 'Game Over' status; i.e., time to start a new game, as the old one has reached its limitations of substainability.