Friday, July 12, 2013

Here I go again. 14th Company (second-time around)

I was contacted by the firm that I worked for and left over two years ago.  It's local office had gone through a major restructuring (nice term for "laying everyone off" including most of the management team).  They wanted to know if I was interested in coming back.  I said I was willing to listen to what they had to say.  I spoke to the new director of operations and the head recruiter, both whom retained their jobs after the 'mass cutting'.  After a few weeks, an offer was made, re-negotiated and finalized.  I have formally accepted this new job and new role, but I haven't informed my current manager and company yet.  That will happen on Monday.

In retrospect, I was prepared to stay where I am for as long as the company continued employing its current staff up to the point that it sells its current asset portfolio.  It appeared that a sale wouldn't be possible for at least three more years.  But, now I guess that won't matter in the short-term, since I've decided to move on.

I'm taking a risk in this economy, but there are no guarantees regardless where you work.  If the new job doesn't work out, maybe I can go back, or maybe not.  I'm not going to worry about that, since I believe this move will be a successful one in the long run.

Change is good.

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