Friday, July 12, 2013

Gold and Silver, Oh my!!

Precious metals have gotten hammered over the past 6 months.  This has been predicted by the experts that follow pm's.  The USD rallied based on 'ifs' spouted by the Fed-czar, Bernanke.  Then he backtracked a couple of weeks later, and the USD tanked in the short-term and the stock market rallied.  One week, cash is king; the next, it's toilet paper.  

Since the Fed can't really stop QE (to infinity), pm's will rebound and most likely will start the next bull run up.  Everything the pm experts have predicted has come to fruition, so far.  Barring some truly universal event (like discovering gold in shit), I find no reason not to follow their lead.

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  1. I was being facetious ... but whattyaknow .. nothing ceases to amaze me any more ...